‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Separates From Wife

People Magazine reports that Thomas Beatie, better known as the first pregnant man, separated from his wife of nine years, Nancy. The female-to-male transgender made the announcement on CBS’ show, “The Doctors”.

Thomas Beatie and his wife, Nancy, seemed to be the perfect homosexual couple. Beatie was born as a woman, but went through a sex-reassignment surgery in 2002. Due to this intervention, Thomas became a legal male in Hawaii; nevertheless, he preserved his female reproductive organs because Nancy was no longer able to have children.

Thomas decided to give birth to his first child in 2007, but his decision sparked a lot of controversies in the media and not only. He was highly criticized after pictures of his bearded face and pregnant belly were spread across the Internet. Despite this, Beatie gave birth to two more children, twins Austin and Jensen, who were born in 2010. Both pregnancies were made through artificial insemination using donor sperm.

During the CBS show, Beatie told reporters that things are not going so well between him and his wife. He further stated that they are acting like all married couples with both up and down periods. At present, Thomas and Nancy are going through a down period as they decided to stay apart for a while.

Beatie also revealed during the show that he went through the final stage of his female-to-male transformation, that is, he had a phalloplasty. The medical procedure presupposes the creation of an artificial penis, so Thomas is now a regular man. Nancy was not near him during the surgery because the two were already separated back then. “Nancy hasn’t seen the new me yet,” was the declaration of the 38-year-old transgender.

The last televised appearance of the family was in October last year, when Thomas announced that he was considering a hysterectomy. You can view the ‘Pregnant Man’s declaration in the new episode of “The Doctors” which will air on Monday, May 7, on CBS.

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