Post Star Wars, George Lucas Focuses On “Personal Films”

Ask anybody what they know about George Lucas and they’ll tell you he’s the guy behind Star Wars. In a recent statement, George Lucas explained he will focus on “personal films” post Star Wars.

Star Wars and George Lucas have long become icons in the genre and movie industry. George Lucas’ filmmaking genius made Star Wars a legen…wait for it…dary story, that has billions of fans worldwide. However, the filmmaker wants to focus more on “personal films”, whereas Star Wars is getting full attention from Disney.

The Huffington Post writes that last Friday night, George Lucas was attending the Power 100 Gala organized by Ebony magazine. He talked about his plans post Star Wars and his desire to make more of his “own little personal films”.

Many have criticized George Lucas for selling Star Wars and LucasFilm to Disney. Fans were outraged when the deal was announced and immediately started to worry Disney will put some of that “Mickey Mouse” vision into the story and ruin everything. But the company already announced there is going to be a Star Wars 7 release in 2015.

But getting rid of Star Wars was the best way for the 68-year-old brilliant filmmaker to focus some of that creativity and vision towards other movies. “What I was trying to do was stay independent so that I could make the movies I wanted to make” George Lucas confessed in 2004 in documentary “Empire of Dreams”. “But now I’ve found myself being the head of a corporation… I have become the very thing that I was trying to avoid”.

So without actually doing the whole work on Star Wars, George Lucas will remain a creative consultant with Star Wars and Disney, whereas Kathleen Kennedy was left in charge of everything else. “It’s very sad. It’s 40 years of work and it’s been my life, but I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things” George Lucas confessed.

Post Star Wars George Lucas has plans to focus on philanthropy and new movies. “Mostly it will be philanthropy but I’m also going to make my own little personal films” such as this year’s Red Tails.

Red Tails is a movie George Lucas recently worked on telling the story of a black fight unit back in 1941 which put to the ground the belief that Afro-American pilots can’t fly. “I’m going to go further out than that” George Lucas said of his future in filmmaking. “I barely got ‘Red Tails’ into the theaters. The ones I’m working on now will never get into the theaters” the director concluded.

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