Portia De Rossi Chops Off Long Locks

Portia De Rossi has adopted a new look by chopping off her well-known long locks, according to Us Weekly. This is the first hairstyle change she had in many years as the actress has never cut her hair so short before.

Same sex marriages make it difficult for people to distinguish what role each partner has in the relationship. Usually, it is the clothes or the hairstyles of the two partners that give us a hint, but the riddle becomes almost unsolvable when the two lovers look alike.

Luckily, De Rossi and her husband, Ellen DeGeneres have been in the spotlight for such a long time that people can’t mistake them anymore; even now that Portia has chopped off her long locks. The two lovers were spotted together on Thursday and tabloids could not help but notice that Portia and Ellen look very much alike. Nevertheless, Portia’s hairstyle is much longer than Ellen’s who has been donning a blonde pixie for many years.

The “Arrested Development” star is now wearing her hair a little bit below the ears with side swept bangs. The Australian actress hasn’t made any declarations in relation to the change, so reporters don’t know whether she is preparing for a new part or not. The cut was performed by Los Angeles hairstylist Lea Journo, who has been styling the two actresses for a long period of time.

Portia’s long blonde locks have been her trademark throughout her entire career. As a matter of fact, her character Nelle Porter in “Ally McBeal” used to unpin her bun and shake her long voluminous hair many times in the series. During one certain episode, Calista Flockhart declared “It’s official. I hate her” after seeing Nelle’s hair.

L’Oreal, too, was impressed with the actress’ hair. They hired De Rossi as a spokesperson due to her healthy mane and she was often used in shampoo commercials.

Although viewers in America tend to associate her with long hair, De Rossi stated in a previous interview that she used to have short hair when she was an actress in Australian soap operas. Nevertheless, she kept the short hairstyle for only three years because she got bored of it.

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  1. Uhhh, Ellen cannot be Portia’s “husband”, as the author described…they are both women, and by definition, can only be wives, of each other in this case.
    Also, no one has to play a role in the relationship–that’s one of the unimaginative things about opposite sex relationships, actually, believing you just play the part of a role given to you, i.e. the role of the man or the role of the wife….in same sex relationships, at least in the healthy ones, we recognize we can be many things, we are not required to play “a role” .

  2. Husband? Seriously? A few inches off of her hair and suddenly we’re confused on who is who? Is that why same se* marriages make people uncomfortable, because if they don’t have different hairstyles ‘we just can’t tell those dog- gone gays apart?’ Do you really think straight people are that stupid.

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