Police to Investigate Bill Cosby’s Rape Case

The cops will be investigating the case involving rape accusations against Bill Cosby. This news comes after one of the women assaulted by the comedian decided to take her case to the police. This means that the cops will be investigating the claims, even though the case dates back to more than 40 years ago.

The woman who made the decision to go to the police is Judy Huth. The woman filed the case earlier this week and meet detectives in the presence of lawyer Gloria Allred. LAPD chief Charlie Beck claimed that the department is forced to investigate all claims, no matter who is involved or when they occurred, regardless of whether they were covered by the statute of limitations.

“Today Judy Huth and I came here… to meet with detectives of the LAPD to request an investigation of Mr Cosby,” Allred said in a statement. “She is here because she believes that it is important that Bill Cosby be investigated… we are here to accept Chief Beck’s invitation,” the statement added. The lawyer added that all women who have been abused by Cosby should go to the police and have the case investigated. 

No less than 20 women have recently accused famous comedian Bill Cosby of rape or assault. All cases date from decades ago and they are quite similar when it comes to the way Cosby acted, according to these ladies. So far, Huth is the only one who has filed a legal action against the comedian. Naturally, Cosby denied all these allegations. 

Moreover, he went to file a counter lawsuit against Huth, saying that the woman is only trying to obtain money from him. So, Cosby’s claims reveal that the former Playboy hostess tried to extort up to $250,000 money from him in return to her silence. It is yet to see which of the two is telling the truth. 

However, things are not looking very well for the comedian, as on Friday a new accuser came forward. P.J. Masten has also been a Playboy bunny and the woman claims that Cosby abused her and has raped no less than 12 other fellow employees. Masten claimed that these other women are too ashamed to come forward and tell their stories. 

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