Police Have A New Tip On Jimmy Hoffa’s Body

Jimmy Hoffa’s body whereabouts have been sparking tons of theories ever since the man has disappeared in July 1975. For the most part, the FBI was just as baffled as people watching the report at home, but so many years later, the police have a new tip on Jimmy Hoffa’s body whereabouts.

So, where is Jimmy Hoffa’s body this time around? Michigan police has been given a new tip on where Jimmy Hoffa’s body might be. The source was deemed credible and now the police are following on a tip saying Jimmy Hoffa’s body is in a Michigan suburban driveway.

Union boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in July 1975 after he was last seen in Detroit, outside “The Red Fox” restaurant. At the time Jimmy Hoffa disappeared he was 62 years old and was just released out of jail after a five-year sentence.

“We received information from an individual who saw something. The information seemed credible, so we decided to follow up on it. We do not know is this is Jimmy” said James Berlin, police chief in Roseville, Michigan.

Based on what the police have released on the new tip on Jimmy Hoffa’s body whereabouts, the tipster said he saw a body being buried around the same time the union leader disappeared. “About a month or so ago an individual gave me a call who wanted to talk about a body that the allegedly witness being interred here in the city of Roseville approximately 35 years ago” explained James Berlin.

Police sources say that officers have sampled a driveway in Roseville and have discovered “an anomaly” that had them return this Friday for a second look. Brad Wurfel, spokesman with Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality, told ABC News: “Our staff weren’t told what or who they were looking for. What they knew was they were down there to do a scan. What they came up with was some anomalies relatively close to the service”.

In a statement for, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said he doesn’t think the tip will lead them to the body of Jimmy Hoffa. “We are not claiming it’s Jimmy Hoffa, the timeline doesn’t add up. We’re investigating a body that may be at the location” said James Berlin.

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