Police Detain Actor Jack Scalia In LA Airport

Police officers at the Los Angeles International Airport were forced to detain actor Jack Scalia after the images on security screeners revealed an unloaded gun in his carry-on bag. Neither the actor, nor his reps released any statement in relation to the event, the Associated Press reports.

Jack Scalia was getting ready to board plane on Thursday afternoon, but he was stopped by security guards at the Los Angeles International Airport.  The former “Dallas” star was carrying an unloaded gun in his handbag and police officers noticed it on the images of the security screeners. Without much ado, the actor was detained in Terminal 7 and was taken to the nearest police station.

Reporters contacted Jack Scalia’s rep, but he was not available for comments on late Thursday. Spokespersons at the Los Angeles Airport stated that officers also discovered a novelty police badge in his pocket. It is unclear what the 61-year-old actor who often played the part of a private investigator was doing with the gun and the badge. First suppositions suggest that the actor was getting ready for a new movie role, but investigators did not confirm anything until the present moment.

Except for a few cameos, Jack Scalia has been absent from the big screen in the past years. He declared himself bankrupt in 2004 claiming that he had made only $1,400 that year. His biggest assets are a Harley motorcycle and several firearms. The 2004 declaration came after the actor was accused of organizing a charity fundraiser for the victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks and stealing the money. Scalia tried to escape accusations by declaring that he was only the spokesperson of the non-profit organization and had no idea where the money was sent.

Jack Scalia rose to fame thanks to his appearance in the 80s series “Dallas”. He played the part of Nicholas Pearce who died after falling from the balcony during a fight with J.R. Ewing.

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