PlayStation App To Be Available On iPhone, iPad And Android

Sony is not new to the application trend; in fact, the company announced on Wednesday that they will introduce a new PlayStation app for iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices. The program is just one of the many changes that Sony has devised in order to transform its video game console into a more social media device.

As stated in one of our previous reports, the special event that Sony held in New York City on Wednesday did not shed too much light on the hardware and interface elements of the new model of PlayStation 4. Quite the opposite, the presentation focused primarily on the new features that will be introduced on the new game console.

Based on the description provided by Sony’s reps, the much-awaited PS4 will be endowed with a button that gives users the possibility to share their game results with online friends. Moreover, new games can be easily downloaded while performing other types of activities, so players won’t waste their time waiting for their favorite game to be installed on the console.

Since apps are highly fashionable nowadays, Sony decided it was high time they designed a special PlayStation program for iOS based devices, such as, iPhone and iPad and for Android based ones. The app called, PlayStation Vita will help users transform the screens of their iOS or Android based smartphones into second screens that will display useful information for the games that they are playing. Second screens may be used, for instance, to view maps for adventure games or to watch other users play on their devices. In addition, the screen of the smartphone may be used to download new games directly on the video game console once the app has been installed.

A similar initiative was presented in 2012 during Microsoft’s E3 event. The software company launched the SmartGlass app according to which Xbox players could control their games using their iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Microsoft’s app was well-received by the lay public, so we expect the new PlayStation program for smartphones to enjoy the same popularity.

No other details were provided during the Wednesday’s event in relation to the exact features that the application will contain. Also, the release date of the app will probably be communicated after the game console is launched in late 2013.

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