PlayStation 4 Sales Grow to 10 Million

Sales have registered an increase for PlayStation 4. In fact, it seems that sales have grown to no less than 10 million for this popular product of the famous company. 

Actually, the global sales figure was announced by Sony at an event which took place in Germany. The company revealed that sales have actually managed to top 10 million. The product that brought Sony such an impressive sum of money was actually released in November. PlayStation 4 is an amazingly successful product for the famous company. 

PlayStation 4 has managed to beat by far its competitor on the market. Naturally, the biggest rival for PlayStation 4 is Xbox One. However, Xbox One has definitely failed to achieve the impressive success and the great sales of PS4. Naturally, this has made PlayStation 4 the bestselling video game console in the United States, for six months. 

Microsoft actually announced that they sold around 5 million Xbox One units to retailers worldwide. This announcement was made by tech giant back in April. Since then, maybe sales have grown for this product, too. Microsoft claimed that they are not very happy way its product did on the market. It actually said that they expected more from its Xbox One. Maybe they are considering a possible sequel to the product. It will surely be interesting to discover what Microsoft plans for next. 

The product is still as popular as possible in the United States, but not only. It took this product about 13 months to reach this worldwide success. The truth is that the Playstation band is now stronger than ever. 

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One went on sale in November, 2013. However, PS4 managed to quickly win over the market, leaving its competitor in its shadow. However, we should not ignore the fact that Xbox One has sold 5 million copies until the month of April, which means that this product is not doing that bad after all. This is a good performance, having under consideration the fact that its rival has achieved such an impressive success.

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