Platform Offers Facebook Shares In Exchange Of Customer Signups

Ever since the Facebook IPO was announced at the beginning of the year, investors and rivaling companies seem to have gone into a frenzy. Now that the day of stock sales has finally arrived, platforms like 8 Securities try to allure customers by offering them Facebook shares in exchange of their signups, says TechCrunch.

Writing about the future millions of dollars that Facebook could make through its initial public offering has been rather difficult for me. It was almost impossible concentrating on my text with the tons of saliva coming out of my mouth and the nearly orgasmic daydreams running through my mind. Not to mention the lingering remorse: “If only I could get my hands on one share…”

You can, therefore, imagine the joyful emotions and catatonic state I have been through when I first heard that a company in Hong Kong named 8 Securities is offering $200 worth Facebook shares for all customers who sign up on their trading platform. The offer which is valid for only one month comes with multiple other advantages. In addition to allowing non-U.S. citizens to trade stocks, it also increases the popularity of Facebook’s Asian profile. Thus, 8 Securities enables Mark Zuckerberg’s company to finally address the Chinese market.

Mikaal Abdulla, the CEO of 8 Securities, has even provided an explanation for finance disasters like me. He stated that individuals have to open an investing account on 8 Securities by paying a minimum of HK$10,000, that is, $1,290 (what, you thought this was going to be for free?). As soon as the user clicks the OK button, the $200 worth Facebook shares will go into his account.

This is not the first time the Hong Kong company has performed this type of transactions, so customers need not worry about a thing. Abdulla told the press that there have been similar stock transactions before, the most popular being Apple, Google and Sina. However, he is convinced that Facebook will do far better than the rest of the companies because it is the biggest initial public offering so far.

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