Plane crushes on New Jersey highway

Reuters announced this morning that a small private plane crushed on a New Jersey highway. The accident made five victims among whom, two managing directors of the New York-based bank Greenhill & Co Inc.

The plane took off from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport and was heading towards DeKalb Peachtree Airport near Atlanta. According to the declarations of the Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, Jim Peters, the plane belonged to the Socata range and contained only one engine.

Plane crushes on New Jersey highwayThe police officers immediately showed up at the accident scene on the New Jersey highway. They reported that the plane crashed onto Interstate 287 near Morristown.

The news is all the more saddening as two kids have lost their lives during the incident. Jeffrey Buckalew, the head of Greenhill’s North American advisory activities was on the plane with his wife and two children. Buckalew, the second manager at Greenhill was the owner and the pilot of the plane. Based on the statements released by the company, Buckalew was a very experienced pilot who was very passionate about flights. In fact, Buckalew had served as an adviser for Delta Air Lines during merger talks with Northwest Airlines.

The third person from Greenhill who was present on the plane was Rakesh Chawla, a financial services sector banker. Greenhill Chairman Robert Greenhill and Chief Executive Scott Bok told the press that Rakesh Chawla was one of the best employees of their company. They both concluded their official statement by expressing their deepest condolences to the families of the victims and by saying that the company will miss them all.

The police investigating the incident identified the remains of five victims. They have refused to reveal their identities, but everybody assumes that the said bankers were on the plane. The air traffic controller was contacted by the pilot of the plane right before the crash took place. They requested permission for higher altitude, but as soon as they started the ascension the transmission became garbled. After a few minutes, the plane disappeared from their radars, so they knew that something bad happened to the aircraft. 

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