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Pizza Hut Launches Pizza Scented Perfume

With Pizza Hut launching a perfume with a pizza scent, there’s one question left to ask yourself: do you love pizza enough to be “wearing” it?

Here’s something the “haute-couture” perfume industry isn’t going to like: Pizza Hut is releasing a fragrance of its own. Guess what the scent is? Pizza…what else? That’s a good idea if you’re so in love with pizza you’d like to smell like a fresh Supreme Pizza. Mmm…that delicious smell of mushrooms, pepperoni and Italian sausage. Mmm… and those red onions…Who wouldn’t love to smell like that for all special occasions…or you know everyday-go-to-work…

It all began with a joke writes Business Insider. When Pizza Hut Canada posted on its Facebook page the idea, fans reacted saying they would actually buy it. Now, that Pizza Hut got serious about making its very own pizza fragrance, I don’t really see how well a blind date would go when the man (or woman?!) will smell like a hot Calzone with the works.

For the moment, only the first 100 fans who reacted to Pizza Hut’s idea will get the perfume. I’m betting they’d rather be getting a fresh Pizza Hut pizza whenever they want, instead of simply smelling what it could have been a delicious pie.

“When our ad team at GRIP brought the idea to us, we absolutely loved it” said Beverley D’ Cruz, marketing and product development director for Pizza Hut Canada. “What better way to celebrate our Facebook fans than by providing them with a way to enjoy the fresh smell of Pizza Hut pizza whenever they want” she added.

So, what kind of pizza aroma is the Pizza Hut perfume? “It smells like dough with a little bit of seasoning added” said Adam Luck, GRIP managing director of digital. “We discovered it was hard to match the smell of freshly baked bread, but it smells somewhat close” Beverly D’Cruz added.

For the rest of us, craving the scent of fresh Pizza Hut pizza, the future is full of promise. “Will we be seeing Pizza Hut perfume in department stores any time soon? Only time will tell” the press release added.

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