Pixar’s “Brave” Turns Out To Be A Failure

Critics’ expectations have been let down by the 13th movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios, “Brave”. According to a recent report published by Reuters, the movie fails to capture the viewers’ attention.

Everybody expected the new production from Pixar to be just as good as their previous animated movies, “Toy Story” and “Ratatouille”. Unfortunately, “Brave” turned out to be a failure because it lacked an interesting theme and a subject.

The idea of the entire movie was that a young red-headed princess named Merida was going to empower women by rejecting the norms of the society. In practice, however, there aren’t many interesting moments in the movie and the princess doesn’t really do anything to prove that she is stronger than the other princesses.

The film begins with Merida’s school graduation. Her parents try to arrange a wedding for her with one of the three suitors belonging to the kingdom ruled by her father. The girl, however, doesn’t want to get married as she is more interested in other activities, such as, archery. Her mother, Queen Elinor is very disappointed by Merida’s behavior; therefore, the princess runs off on her own and meets a witch who accidentally turns Queen Elinor into a bear.

The girl’s main preoccupation throughout the movie is to protect herself against the bear and to reverse the spell. Apart from this, the girl doesn’t do anything else to support women empowerment as Pixar stated in a previous declaration. As a consequence, film critics were disappointed that the animated studio chose a princess as their main character because she didn’t have many social norms to confront with besides the arranged marriage.

Nevertheless, the movie will most likely sell well because there are many children who will want to see the red-headed princess. The visual effects are also worthy of appreciation because the landscapes created by Pixar are almost photorealistic.

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  1. Arranged marriage is a huge problem in our American/Western society. Almost all young American women face this problem. Pixar should have had the princess do more in the movie. Thank you for calling them out on their failure.

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