Pitbull Puppy Survives After Being Dragged Along Missouri Highway

The Missouri Humane Society has managed to save a pitbull puppy after being dragged along the Missouri highway for more than a mile. The 5-month-puppy has been through various surgical interventions, but it is now in a stable condition, Reuters reports.

Authorities in Missouri are investigating a case of animal abuse after a 5-month-old puppy named Trooper was found with severe body injuries on Thursday. Based on the first results of the investigation, the golden puppy appears to have been tied to the back of a truck and dragged for more than a mile along the Missouri highway.

When veterinarians found him, Trooper was half-dead as his body had been almost entirely covered with bruises. The team of doctors spent hours in the emergency room, but they eventually managed to save his life. Even though the puppy’s legs have been severely injured, veterinarians did not have to amputate any of his members. In fact, Trooper will be able to walk again as soon as his wounds will recover.

The spokeswoman of Missouri Humane Society, Jean Jay, told the press that authorities have been so disturbed by the abuse that the puppy has suffered that they plan to perform an investigation in order to find the culprit. The pieces of information they obtained from witnesses has helped them draw a sketch of the culprit’s profile. Jay was glad the puppy was in a stable condition and that his character didn’t suffer any changes despite the brutal treatment he has been through. “He is remarkably kind and friendly,” she stated.

Trooper’s case was brought to authorities’ concern on November 21 when the St. Louis City police received a call about an animal that had been tied to a truck and dragged along Highway 55. The driver declared that he had no idea the dog was at the back of his truck. He became aware of the dog’s presence when other drivers started signaling him on the road. The Missouri Humane Society is offering a $5000 reward in exchange of any information related to the guilty man.  

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