Pippa’s a Hit But is Her Party Planning Book a Flop?

Pippa Middleton might not be getting as much attention lately as her sisters expanding belly, but Princess Kates younger sister did make headlines recently when her new book “Celebrate” did not inspire reviewers to do as the title implies.

“Celebrate” features Pippas sage advice on entertaining and was a bit of a royal flop. Readers who are looking for easy birthday supplies, party ideas and other tips and advice may want to look elsewhere for ideas.

Life-Changing Party Ideas?

Pippa has been busy defending herself and her ideas that on Bonfire Night, guests should enjoy, well, a bonfire, says DailyMail.co.uk. Or that on Halloween, pumpkin soup served in a carved-out pumpkin might make for an interesting course. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Referring to her book as a “labour of love,” according to Telegrah.co.uk, Pippa said she didnt want to focus on over-the-top and elaborate parties that many of her readers wouldnt be able to do. Instead, Pippa said her goal was to help explain how to create occasions that are “achievable…simple and comforting.”

She Really is a Foodie

In the Telegraph article, Pippa refers to herself as a foodie who once cooked slow-braised pigs cheeks for her friends and didn’t tell them beforehand what they were eatingperhaps understandably. Pippa also regularly serves venison stew and pigeon-breast salad to her dinner party guests and advises readers to use not one, but two egg yolks to give their pastries a lovely glaze. Calling her friends at Edinburgh University a group of guinea pigs, Pippa describes how she could always count on them for trying whatever new gastronomic experiments came out of her kitchen. Her salmon and prawn pie was always a hit with her friends, she noted, and her sushi was also pretty good. Food and cooking are at the heart of entertaining guests, Pippa noted, and over the years her interests in creating interesting dishes in the kitchen grew.

Pippa also described how her love of cooking was an ideal way to find a job. She created business cards with Mange Tout emblazoned on them and handed them out to friends and family. The cards did the trick; Pippa said she was once hired to be a cook in Scotland for a week, where she prepared a variety of meals every day, including afternoon tea and a three-course dinner.

Not England’s Martha Stewart

Despite her love of cooking and entertaining, Pippas quest to become Englands Martha Stewart may not be a done deal quite yet. For example, in her book she advises readers to prevent their cakes from getting stale by storing them in an airtight tin. She also suggests that people on a picnic pour their hot drinks from a flask into a mug or paper cup.

Pippa, who reportedly received a 400,000 advance to write the book, promises that she is always coming up with new ideas about entertaining may be a promise or a threat.

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