Pioneer AVH-4100NEX multimedia receiver

The new Pioneer AVH-4100NEX is available at the price of 700 dollars. Probably, everyone wants to have a high-end multimedia receiver in their car. Well, for that they have to pay approximately 1,400 dollars.

This means twice the price of Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. However, the Pioneer Electronics’ flagship AVIC-8100NEX is an impressive powerhouse that comes with a lot of features. Probably, not everyone wants to pay double for a multimedia receiver and this is where the new Pioneer AVH-4100NEX comes in.

Even if it’s not the company’s flagship NEX series of multimedia receivers, this device is perfect for any car. Considered to be an entry level, it comes with a modest list of features, if we compare it with AVIC-8100NEX. Probably, the biggest minus of this device is the lack of a navigation software and GPS hardware.

However, it has many other features that make it the best buy in the line. Probably, many customers are interested in the NEX series due to the inclusion of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink compatibility in one box. This means that after the user will connect his phone to the device, the 4100NEX will be transformed into a 1,400 dollars multimedia receiver. 

When connected via USB to an Android device, it will automatically install the Android app that comes together with Google Music, Google Maps and Google Voice Search. The best thing is that Pioneer AVH-4100NEX supports the two systems side-by-side, on the same hardware.

This means that users can also connect the receiver to an iPhone that runs iOS version 8. To be mentioned that there are some significant differences between CarPlay and Android Auto, but both offer a good experience and home the best apps that are useful while driving.

Both operating systems feature voice command for destination selection, read incoming text massages, song selection and hands-free calling initiation. Moreover, drivers can also compose or reply to messages with voice recognition. To be mentioned that Pioneer AVH-4100NEX can also multitask. This means that drivers can run Android Auto’s Maps while listening to music from an iPhone, for instance. 

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