Pink slime sold instead of ground beef: learn how to make the right choice

Based on a recent report published by Huffington Post many more supermarkets choose to sell pink slime instead of ground beef because the latter is much more expensive now. The discussion started when Jamie Oliver discovered that pink slime was used in many hamburgers sold at McDonald’s. This time, however, ABC News World performed an investigation to see whether supermarkets were correct or not. Thanks to them, customers know how to make the right choice and eat healthy food that does not contain the ammonia-treated sludge.

Given the recent economic instability, many customers were forced to replace beef steaks with the much cheaper hamburgers. The compromise they made may have saved their bank accounts, but we can’t say the same thing about their health. Recent discoveries show that many supermarkets have replaced ground beef with pink slime without notifying their customers of the changes they have made.

Pink slime is considered to be unhealthy because it is produced from meat scraps that were taken from otherwise unusable parts of a carcass. One of the employees working at USDA told reporters that he had to quit his job because the products were incredibly disgusting.

This is not the first time when supermarkets deal with a similar problem. In 2009, the New York Times published a report saying that 70% of ground beef is made out of pink slime. The company that was responsible for the production of this unhealthy meat was Beef Products, Inc. The current investigation performed by ABC News World shows that the percentage remained unchanged despite authorities’ attempts to prevent the use of ammonia-treated sludge.

Fast food producers were the most affected by the discoveries of the media. McDonald’s was the first to give up using this product in their hamburgers. However, schools continue to use the mix to prepare children’s lunches.

You can avoid eating junk food by simply purchasing beef that hasn’t been grounded. You can either ask the shop assistant to ground it on the spot or you can purchase a meat grinder and do it on your own. 

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