Pink Removes Her Gallbladder

After spending the past days in the hospital, Pink tweeted her followers on Sunday to let them know that she is removing her gallbladder. According to Us Weekly, the singer was initially diagnosed with stomach flu, but recent medical results proved that the gallbladder was causing her all the troubles.

Fans were worried when they first found out that Pink was hospitalized on June the 1st. The singer tweeted a black and white photo of her sitting on a hospital bed. Doctors said back then that the “So What” interpreter was suffering from a stomach flu and needed to get medical treatment in order to recover.

After repeated analyses, Pink found out that she was actually having problems with her gallbladder and she needed to surgically remove it as quickly as possible. She took once again to Twitter on Sunday to announce the press about the recent events in her life. By the looks of the message, we can tell that the singer was really bothered by the mistake. She cursed her gallbladder and kissed it goodbye in the Twitter post.

Pink is already recovering from the intervention outside the hospital. Doctors, who constantly check her state, declared that the singer is making visible progresses.

The 32-year-old artist is happy that she returned home as she can spend more time with her daughter Willow. Pink was preoccupied during the whole time she stood in the hospital that she won’t be able to take part at the birthday party of her and her husband Cary Hart’s child.

The first birthday party is the most important, so Pink didn’t want to miss the chance of seeing Willow blow the candles for the first time in her life. Family members have all been very supportive as they brought the little girl and the cake in the hospital so Pink could stay next to her. The social media savvy star posted a photo of Willow and her vegan carrot cake on Twitter as soon as the party started. She wholeheartedly confessed that the girl is her angel and her reason for being and concluded the message by saying “I love you, Willow Sage”.

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