Pierre Dukan Says Obese People Are Mentally Ill

The inventor of the Dukan diet is notorious for sparking controversy. In an interview for a British newspaper, Pierre Dunkan said obese people are mentally ill.

The Daily Mail sat him down for an interview. Weight loss expert Pierre Dukan has an attitude towards dieting that comes off easily controversial in America. His point of view is simple: “my regime is about reaching your true weight, not being as skinny as a model”. But he has his own drawbacks, statements that are so controversial it makes people a bit cautious about his diet.

Pierre Dukan is a millionaire author and a renowned French doctor with a long history in treating obese people. His belief that obese people are mentally ill can easily spark controversy. “I’ve never seen an obese person who has said, ‘I am well in the mind”, Pierre Dukan told a reporter this Sunday.

“I suffer for them…I like them because they are not really ill, like with the cancer, but feel they are outside of society….I want to help” said Dunkan. Pierre Dunkan is also the man that said students should get extra marks for losing weight and dieting might potentially be indicated for many pregnant women.

French doctor Pierre Dukan is behind one of today’s most praised diets. The Dukan diet promises you will never have to worry about counting calories or weighing foods ever again, as long as you follow the four-phase diet. Jennifer Lopez and model Giselle Bundchen are rumored to have lost all that baby weight thanks to the Dukan diet.

Pierre Dukan developed his successful diet following 10 years of treating obese people. It was during that time that all the phases of the diet were developed.  In fact, the weight loss expert is sure his diet brings about the third revolution in food.

“I am convinced deeply that for now, mine is the best on the market: it is the most healthy and the most ethical” said Dukan.

But nutritionists say the Dunkan diet is the strictest diet there is. “It’s no surprise it works. The advice to shun processed food is healthy, but the diet is too high in protein to be healthy overall” said nutritionist Zoe Harcombe. “There are three macro nutrients: carbs, fat and protein. Dukan seems to have forgotten two of them” she added.

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