Pia Zadora Seriously Hurt in Golf Cart Accident

Actress and singer Pia Zadora was seriously harmed in a golf cart accident. The star suffered head injuries and she was also diagnosed with a broken angle. The bad news was revealed on Friday by Pia’s manager, who claimed that the star was thrown from the golf cart that was driven by her teenage son. The accident occurred in Las Vegas. 

“It was an inadvertent golf cart accident. Her son was driving and he took a rather hard turn and she was tossed out of the golf cart,” manager Brian Panella claimed in a statement. “She has a teenage son of driving age who needs to stay away from golf carts, but that’s another story,” he added.

The 60 year old star was rushed to the hospital and is currently under medical care at the Las Vegas University Medical Center. The star is expected to recover soon, so she is in no severe danger. Initially, doctors feared that the head injuries she suffered during the accident caused bruising to her brain, but fortunately this was not the case. 

Still, the star remains in hospital under medical care. The actress’s husband revealed, according to the Las Vegas Sun, that the star suffered bleeding on her brain, but she also fractured her ankle. “When she improves, she will have ankle surgery in Los Angeles in the next week or so,” Pia’s rep claimed. He added that the singer and actress is resting comfortably. 

So, Pia is going to be fine, even though she hurt her head quite hard. When she will sufficiently recover, the star will be transferred to a Los Angeles hospital where she will have to undergo surgery for her broken ankle. 

Pia Zadora is a well known actress and singer. Pia actually began her career in entertainment at the age of only 10. She starred in Fiddler on the Roof. The star went to win a Golden Globe in 1982, thanks to her performance in Butterfly. She is also known for her performances in Troop Beverly Hills and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. 

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