Physical Activity in Multiple Sclerosis

Through the positive effects of exercises on fatigue, pain, social contacts and self-efficacy bodily activities, the patients with Multiple Sclerosis  can favorably influence the quality of their life. This has been proven by 2 researchers of University of Illinois in the journal Health of Psychology.

Robert Motl and Edward McAuley brought 276 Multiple Sclerosis patients for seven days in an accelerometer. Volunteers have been asked a series of questions, both at its beginning, and six months later. In this study, the 2 authors tried to show the changes in body after baseline activities which have led to remarkable improvements of quality of life in Multiple Sclerosis patients.

At the end of the study data evaluation revealed that more exercise leads to less physical fatigue and pain but increased social contact and self-efficacy. In other words, these changes have led to an increased quality of life in these patients. This model confirms that physical activity influences the quality of life of Multiple Sclerosis patients.

It should not be ignored the fact that every person with Multiple Sclerosis shows a unique combination of symptoms and factors which can influence their physical condition.

Prescription of exercises in Multiple Sclerosis patients is depending on many factors, such as:

* The functional;

* Individual tolerance;

* Physical experience;

* Symptoms;

* Age related diseases;

* Access to gym equipment, etc.

Doctors advises all Multiple Sclerosis sufferers to avoid exhaustion and pain during their daily training. Also, patients with Multiple Sclerosis should avoid behavior like “do that, or you will die” and also should not forget to listen to their own body signals because they need to conserve some energy for the rest of their daily activities.

At any sign of fatigue, they should pass to a lighter exercise, or to start to work smaller muscle groups. Fatigue is not “static” – it fluctuates at different times of day, and the program may be modified or postponed on the same day. There are numerous studies showing that if exercise is performed regularly and with moderation, it reduces fatigue and it is improving their physical condition.

A good start for patients with Multiple Sclerosis would be by choosing a good program, assumed exercise that they enjoy. Furthermore they should noted their program elements, so that they could easily remember and track the hole progress by keeping a journal or drawing a graph. Exercise for patients with Multiple Sclerosis should be made at the time of the day when they are feeling more energetic, like in the morning. During exercise they need to maintain their body temperature at a low level, taking care to maintain a good hydration, good ventilation, air conditioning and adequate clothing. The purpose of exercise is to extend installation of locomotion disorders, and also to have some fun. So, it is highly recommended that patients with Multiple Sclerosis who choose to play some sports to try to do their exercises in group or to find a partner program.

Here are some recommendations for patients with Multiple Sclerosis who want to train their concentration and coordination. At the same time with them they will improve their mobility and have a great day with some fun.

Ball games such as soccer, handball or basketball requires skills, ability and coordination. These games serve more to social integration.

Gymnastic or aerobic exercise should be included in every workout. By different individual exercise programs, Multiple Sclerosis patients should do some exercise for the back muscles, the abdomen and legs. At the same time it improves strength, range of motion, muscle relaxation and coordination.

Besides swimming cycling is the healthiest sport. If there are increased balance disorders, can be mounted on the bicycle training wheels support, or  the patient can use a bicycle room. In cycling are involved all muscle groups, heart and blood circulation. There are also involved balance, coordination and reaction power.

Nordic Walking is a way of very effectively training for the whole body. Even for those who are untrained it is required perseverance. Multiple Sclerosis will form their walking aspect, but also, they will train muscular of shoulders and arms. At the same time sticks offer safety and support.

Nowadays, Pilates has turned into a sport. Training calm the entire body, can occur regardless of age or physical condition. It consists of a combination of exercises to increase concentration, coordination and physical activity.

Riding is for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis, the most appropriate sport. Will form the balance, coordination and will make them to be more sensitive. At therapeutic riding, so called hippotherapy, the characteristic movements of the horse are used to transmit different impulse on patient.

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports. Heart, blood circulation and muscles are trained. Weight in water is reduced to a tenth. This automatically leads to a loosening of joints, movement is made more easier. Swimming and gymnastics in water are indicated for specific symptoms such as paralysis, uncertain gait and impaired coordination.

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