Phoenix Jones, the superhero in trouble with the Seattle police

Superhero Phoenix Jones got in trouble with the police after using pepper spray on people whom he claims were fighting. Apparently they were not fighting, they were dancing, and the superhero’s aim to fight crime has been denaturized from the original direction, to the downtown police station.

ABC reports that one of the superheroes that have appeared since last year in the Unites states, has been arrested for attacking people in the street with pepper spray.  After following his calling – that of going against the renegades of the society – for over one year, Phoenix Jones (real name: Benjamin Fodor) has done it! On Sunday morning, he was walking on the streets of Seattle wearing his black and golden superhero costume, trying to spot any crime that might happen in the area. His enthusiast in protecting the citizens of the city went too far. He picked on some people in the street who were “dancing and having a good time” according to the police statement. But he perceived them as fighting and took measures immediately. He pepper-sprayed them to death! Well, not that much…just until the police showed up. The public information officer of Seattle’s police department explained the reason for his arrest: “Unfortunately, he used force. He committed a crime, an assault against these individuals. That’s against the law”, Det. Mark Jamieson concluded.

A superhero arrested by the police… weren’t they supposed to be the police’s right hand, the saviors of the city? Apparently real life is not like on TV, not even when it comes to heroes that are super…masked. As you can see in the photo Phoenix Jones had an original, but very superhero-type costume. And he is not alone. Seattle needs more of them. He is part of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of self-proclaimed superheroes, who watch over the city during the night…with pepper spray cans.

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