Phillip Phillips Postpones Kidney Surgery For “American Idol”

Phillip Phillips impressed everyone on the “American Idol” with his talent, unlike his parents who named him twice for lack of inspiration. Although his evolution on the show is constantly threatened by his health problems, Phillips decided to postpone his kidney surgery until the end of Season 11, says Us Weekly.

Most people think health should be our top priority in life, but Phillip Phillips, one of the contestants in the “American Idol” would risk everything for his ambitions. The interpreter has been suffering from kidney affections for a long time and his health state has gotten worse during the past weeks. Doctors claim that Phillips’ condition is very bad and he needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

The singer had a severe crisis of abdominal pains in March and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. The results of the investigation were very bad, so the medical staff suggested him to seek treatment as soon as possible. Phillips did not follow their advice because he wanted to continue his performances on the “American Idol”.

The contestant is always accompanied by his doctor who was very worried about his patient’s state during hometown visits last week. Moreover, Phillips is no longer able to perform as well as he used to before his health condition worsened. The singer has to rest most of the time, so he can’t take part in the pre-recorded segments filmed with the rest of the participants.

Despite this, the 21-year-old is determined to take part in the Season 11 finale which will be broadcast next Wednesday. He plans to spend most of the time in his room, resting and when the moment comes, to give his best on stage. Phillips hopes his weakened physique will not keep him from winning the competition. If that should, nevertheless, happen the singer will be happy knowing that he did everything in his power to win the competition and that he did not abandon because of his health condition.

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  1. Philip Phillips reminds me of Scotty, the last Idol winner. He is so natural and so pure. I’m so happy he won. I do feel sad for Jessica, but she will do well for sure. Philip was such a devoted competitor and risked his health in pursuing his goal. Let’s all pray his health issue will be taken care of as soon as possible. He is certainly a respectful individual, and thanks to his parents, Philip is a winner in more ways than one. God Bless Philip.

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