Phillip Phillips Is The New “American Idol”

Phillip Phillips was crowned the new “American Idol” despite the health problems he experienced in the past month, says USA Today. The 21-year-old guitarist raced against 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez during the Wednesday finale of the 11th edition and won everyone’s hearts.

The old saying “he’s so nice, his mother named him twice” seems to have been invented for Phillip Phillips. The singer postponed his kidney surgery to the last minute because he wanted to take part in the “American Idol” finale. His choice was correct as the talented guitarist won the big prize and is now regarded as America’s new Idol.

Phillips interpreted the song “Home” co-written by Drew Pearson and Greg Holden. Thanks to his remarkable performance, the contestant received a standing ovation from the judges, the audience and pretty much anyone who was in the room. Jessica’s artistic moment was equally stirring due to her divine voice and the song she has prepared “The Prayer”.

Most people were expecting Phillips to win the competition because he was the favorite contestant among Internet users. In addition, he drew the public’s sympathy with the recent rumors concerning his health problems. The new “American Idol” was supposed to undergo a surgical procedure because he was suffering from a kidney disease. Despite this, Phillips released a statement last week saying that he preferred to put his life at risk and take part in the Wednesday finale.

Sources claim that Phillips was afraid his kidney pains will prevent him from delivering a good performance on stage. At the end of the show, he was very surprised to see that he won the competition and told the press that being crowned the winner of the “American Idol” was ‘overwhelming and unbelievable”.

Now that the competition is over, Phillips will solve all his health issues, but will try to recuperate as quickly as possible. The contestant plans to be a part of the “Idol” summer tour because he loves to play music in front of large audiences.

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