Philippines’ Christian Youths Protest Against Lady Gaga

Surprisingly (or not), the controversial Monster Queen isn’t welcomed everywhere on the planet. She’s been sparking controversies in the past, but his time Lady Gaga was the target of protests. This Saturday, Philippines’ Christian youths protested against Lady Gaga.

Saturday was the second day Christian youths in Manila, Philippines have been protesting against Lady Gaga and her upcoming performances in their country. The Monster Queen is accused of blasphemy and of mocking their belief in Jesus Christ.

You’d imagine Asia would be more tolerant of Lady Gaga. In fact, it is quite surprising that she clashed with religious groups at the other end of the world, and not in the United States. But ever since she started the “Born This Way” Asian tour, protests have been common news.

Anyway, it’s something the controversial Lady Gaga will have to get used to. And it’s not just because the group of Biblemode Youth Philippines is planning a vigil near tomorrow evening’s concert location. The Asian tour of Lady Gaga was met by scrutiny in many places. In Indonesia a concert was cancelled over pressures from Islamic communities and in Seoul, fans under 18 were not allowed to take part at concerts.

The Associated Press writes that the protesters were so determined with their pledge that their march was contained only by the riot police, just half a mile away from where Lady Gaga is set to perform tomorrow evening.

Authorities said the Lady Gaga tour is not going to offend morally, have nudity or lewd acts. Ovation Productions organizers also promised that the concerts are not going to “pose a threat to their sense of morality and conduct”.

The problem is that if Lady Gaga’s show will not meet the authorities’ request, she is at risk of some bigger issues. In Philippine, people that are offensive to race or religion in any kind of way are at risk of being sent to prison for six years.

Ruben Abante, protest leader, said that Lady Gaga has “declared a distorted view toward Jesus Christ and for us Biblical Christians it is offensive. Her music and everything about her is different from what our values are”.

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