Philadelphia Museum Reveals Mystery Of Mummy Conservation

A museum in Philadelphia has found a unique method of guiding its visitors through the study of ancient relics. According to Reuters, scientists at the Penn Museum will reveal the mystery of mummy conservation by studying an Egyptian collection in the newly installed Artifact Lab.

Museums make increasing use of technology and innovation in order to tempt as many visitors as possible to cross their threshold. A similar strategy was adopted by one of the museums in Philadelphia which promised visitors to reveal them the mystery of mummy conservation during the close study of 42,000 items pertaining to an ancient Egyptian collection.

The organizers of the special event told the press that several ancient items of important significance will be subject to analysis during the following weeks. Human and animal mummies, as well as an intricately inscribed coffin are some of the objects that will undergo treatment and repair in the Artifact Lab of the Penn Museum.

Scientists’ work space is surrounded by glass; thus, giving the audience the possibility to watch researchers at work. The administration of the museum is hoping that this method will fuel visitors’ curiosity and determine them to look for more information in relation to mummy conservation. The experience could be benefic for scientists, as well, for they can finally witness the sense of wonder and the thrill of discovery that the public experiences whenever they understand the mysteries of the ancient populations.

Flat-screen monitors have also been installed around the glass-enclosed working space in order to make sure that the audience will get a clear view of the processes developed by researchers. In addition, people who are passionate about artifacts and mummy conservation can ask their questions during special sessions that will be organized twice a day. Conservators will do their best to answer all questions and fulfill everyone’s curiosities about Egyptian relics. 

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