Phelps And Lochte Give Mouthwatering Preview For The Olympics

Phelps and Lochte showed American supporters what they should expect to see at the London Olympics this summer. The two professional swimmers offered a preview on Tuesday when they started a duel of 200 meters freestyle.

The London Summer Olympics is more than one month away, but American athletes have already started their competitions. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, who have been rivals for a long time, competed against each other during the Tuesday semi-finals. The last lap was the most difficult as the two swimmers were visibly fighting for the first place. In the end, it was Lochte who finished the first after only one minute 46.25 seconds. His opponent, Phelps, who also lost the 400m individual medley final on Monday finished the second after only 0.02 seconds.

The next clash between the two athletes will take place on Wednesday. The two are expected to compete in at least three races before entering the United States relay. Six other swimmers will take part at the Wednesday finals, but only the top two participants will be allowed to go to the Olympics.

Brendan Hansen is one of the swimmers who will show up at the Wednesday competition. He initially planned to retire, but he changed his mind and decided to prepare himself for this year’s Olympics because he had some “unfinished business”. This is the third time he qualifies for the Olympics after winning the 100m breaststroke final in 59.68.

Dana Vollmer, on the other hand, has finally managed to qualify for her first Olympic individual berth. She was also present at the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens and won gold medals, but she could not make it in an individual berth. The first time she tried to qualify was when she was 12, but all her efforts were in vain until this year.

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