Petraeus To Return At The Helm of CIA?

In spite of the recent sex scandal, David Petraeus could still return at the helm of CIA, according to analysts at the Associated Press. There seem to be many more aspects inclining towards Petraeus’ rehire than those suggesting he should be replaced with a new CIA director.

Pundits were forced to accept that David Petraeus remains the best choice for the leadership of CIA, even though his personal life has caused a lot of turmoil in the past month. The ex-CIA director was subject to the FBI’s investigation and the media’s attention ever since his extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell was uncovered. None of the two authorities managed to find something incriminatory about David Petraeus, which raises the question: should the former leader return at the helm of CIA?

Being equally popular among Republicans and Democrats is one of the main reasons why Obama should consider rehiring Petraeus. The ex-CIA chief was elected by George W. Bush and was re-appointed by Barack Obama during his first mandate proving that both the Republican and the Democratic President agree with his rules.

Furthermore, the investigation has clearly proven that Petraeus did not break any laws by engaging in an affair with author Paula Broadwell. The information that the latter obtained during her research was either too old or too trifling to jeopardize CIA’s missions. According to political writer, Emily Yoffe of “Slate”, the critics that were brought against Petraeus and his mistress were enough punishment for the two, so David should now be absolved and allowed to return to his job in CIA.

Political writers and politicians are not the only ones who view Petraeus as the right leader for CIA. Americans, too, were very fond of the former military officer before his affair was disclosed. Surveys proved that many Americans would accept Petraeus as a vice presidential candidate for GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

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