Petraeus’ Shirtless Photo, A “Joke”, Says FBI Investigator

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – According to the FBI agent conducting the investigation on David Petraeus’ case, the shirtless photo that he sent to his colleagues was a joke. Frederick Humphries further revealed that the image was not sent only to Jill Kelley, but also to other colleagues working in the FBI.

Frederick Humphries released his first interview in relation to David Petraeus’ case which he has been investigating for the past five months. He declared that the shirtless photo he took after a day of Swat training was sent in 2010 as a joke, but it was interpreted as a sexually charged message due to the recent sex scandal between David Petraeus and biographer Paula Broadwell.

Jill Kelley was one of the recipients of the photo, so “Agent Shirtless” as he is now known among his colleagues wanted to put an end to all the press speculations by presenting his side of the story. He stated that Jill asked him to take a look at the harassing emails she received from another woman and they eventually discovered that Petraeus was having an affair with Broadwell.

Several other agents hurried to testify that Humphries has nothing to do with the recent scandal and that he is in fact a good professional. Andrew Hamilton has had the chance of working with Humphries during the “millennium bomber” case which took place many years ago. He told the press that Humphries was selected because he was a “top-notch” operative who could speak French fluently.

According to Hamilton, the “millennium bomber” case took several years to solve, so he and Humphries spent a lot of time together. Despite the jokes he might have made, “Agent Shirtless” has always been “through and honest” making the other agents feel lucky to have him on their team.

Alfred Humphries decided to surprise his colleagues in 2010 by sending them a funny image of himself. The agent had just completed a day of Swat training and thought it would be nice to take a picture with the two bullet-ridden target dummies that looked very much like him. The joke was highly appreciated back then, but it was closely analysed after David Petraeus’ affair was discovered five months ago.

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