PETA voted Russell Brand and Kristen Wiig the sexiest vegetarians

The 2011 PETA top of the sexiest vegetarians included many vegetarian Hollyood stars. But the top spots were held by comedian Russell Brand and actress Kristen Wiig.

Actor and comedian Russell Brand is the sexy beau of singer Katy Perry, who was also voted one of the most beautiful women in the world. The “Get Him To The Greeks” star is a vegetarian since he was only 14 years old. Now, at 36 years old he told Kelly from Live! With Regis and Kelly that he does not eat fish, nor products that are fish-based. During the show, Kelly Ripa (who is 40 and gorgeous looking) asked Brand is he took fish oil in order to stay sharp. But he made it clear that fish is not and will not be a part of his diet. “I’m vegetarian. I think it’s cruel to squeeze oil out of a fish… Cause they’re lovely little guys, aren’t they?” he said and added afterwards: “You shouldn’t eat animals; it’s mean to them!” So the secret of his good looks does not stand in animal-related diet.

On the other hand, actress Kristen Wiig, whom you can see in the movie “The Bridesmaids” says that she is a vegetarian because it helps her figure as well. In an interview to Women’s Health magazine, the actress, who is 37 years old, explains how she stays fit: she runs, does yoga and eats vegetarian food: “I’m a vegetarian. I eat a lot of tofu and soy.”

The two actors had serious competition in the PETA most sexy vegetarian celebrity contest. Among them, there were mommy Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Anne Hathaway and natural beauty Olivia Wilde. Natalie Portman, who says that Jonathan Safran Foer’s eating animals turned her vegetarian, lost some points because she gave up the vegan diet during pregnancy. Joaquin Phoenix was raised vegetarian by his parents. Anne Hathaway went back and forth about her decision to be a vegetarian. Olivia Wilde admits she eats fish once in a while. 

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