People’s Choice Awards 2012 winners

The 38th annual edition of the People’s Choice Awards was held on Wednesday, so here is the list of the 2012 winners according to Huffington Post. Katy Perry, Lea Michele and “Harry Potter” are some of the participants who left home with the greatest number of awards. “Leave home” is of course, a way of saying things because in reality the majority of the winners didn’t even make it to the gala.

Katy Perry received the largest number of votes in five categories, including favorite female artist, tour headliner, song of the year for “E.T.” with Kanye West, music video for “Last Friday Night” and TV guest star for “How I Met Your Mother”. The singer wrote on her Twitter page just a day before the Awards that she will not be present at the event.

We don’t know whether her decision has anything to do with her ex-husband’s file for divorce, but this would have been Katy’s first public appearance since the separation. Even though she was absent at last night’s show, the singer insisted on thanking her fans for voting her.

The second winner to receive awards for most of the nominalizations was the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” featuring Daniel Radcliffe. The motion picture got four awards for favorite movie, action movie, book adaptation and ensemble movie cast. None of the members of film’s stars were present at the awards, so viewers didn’t have the chance to hear their favorite actor’s speech.

There was one category of people that didn’t feel sorry for the stars’ absence, that is, the other actors. In fact, they were, thus, able to speak for as long as they wanted to upon the receipt of their award without being interrupted by the host of the event. Ellen DeGeneres, Nina Dobrev, Chloe Grace Moretz, Adam Levine, Lea Michele and Demi Lovato were the winners who received an award thanks to the Internet votes.

Johnny Depp and Emma Stone won the award for the categories “the favorite movie actor” and “the favorite movie actress”, respectively. The public waited for their favorite stars to appear on the stage, but host Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” sadly announced their absence.

In the movie category, the awards were handed to Hugh Jackman for action star, “Bridesmaids” for comedy movie, “Water for Elephants” for drama movie and Adam Sandler for comedic movie actor. Morgan Freeman was honored as the first-ever favorite movie icon award.

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