Penn State’s Sandusky Report Will Draw Scrutiny

After convicting Jerry Sandusky of sexually abusing children, authorities have decided to publish a new report related to the activity of the Pennsylvania State University. According to the Associated Press, the report will draw scrutiny upon the methods that the university has used to prevent such abuses.

Even though Jerry Sandusky’s case is over, there are still many questions that remain unanswered after the investigation and the trial. The Pennsylvania State University decided to publish a report containing all the information that the authorities gathered after the assistant coach was initially arrested.

Among the people who took part in the investigation was also the former federal judge and FBI director, Louis Freeh. The team interviewed hundreds of people in order to find out what was the first reaction of the university when they heard the accusations. Investigators were particularly interested to see whether the university paid attention to any signs proving that Sandusky was a child molester or ignored them on purpose.

Jerry Sandusky’s case ended last month when the former defensive coordinator was convicted on 45 criminal accounts. The decision of the jury was based on the emotional testimony that eight young men uttered in the court room, as well as the investigation of the police officers.

The Freeh report will be released on Thursday, at 9 a.m. The document is meant to prove whether the Penn State University did anything to protect the children against similar abuses. This way, authorities will be able to determine whether the top university officials have hidden Jerry Sandusky’s abuses. It was rumored that university officials possessed reports related to Sandusky’s abuses dating back to at least 14 years.

The report will also help shed light on the implication that the former Penn State coach, Joe Paterno, had in the child abuse scandal. The football coach released a draft letter before his death saying that Jerry Sandusky’s scandal has nothing to do and shouldn’t have anything to do with the football team. Depending on the results of the report, Penn State could receive sanctions. 

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