Penn State’s Joe Paterno replaced with Tom Bradley

Following the Sandusky arrest over sexual abuse scandal, Penn State’s coach Joe Paterno is replaced with Tom Bradley.  As interim coach, Bradley held a press conference on Thursday morning, answering the media’s massive line of questions and asking the students to “show class” and “dignity” staring with the Saturday game against Nebraska.

Coach Joe Paterno’s firing by the Penn State board was not well received by the students who, on Wednesday, started riots on the city streets. People started wondering whether the game with Nebraska, which was scheduled for Saturday, will take place and what will happen with the team in the future. Then, Tom Bradley was named interim coach on Penn State and announced a press conference that took place on Thursday morning. He wanted to clarify all matters.

Regarding the sex-abuse scandal which has Sandusky as a protagonist, Bradley said that even if the image of Penn State is compromised at present, it will heal in time. “I’m going to find a way to restore the confidence and start the healing process”, he said.

On the firing of Joe Paterno, Bradley says that he feels much respect for the former coach, describing him as “the greatest man” he knew, after his father. He chose not to comment further on the matter as it is a highly emotional subject for him. When asked whether he will consult with Paterno on the Nebraska game, Bradley answered that he already knew what the coach would have to say: “Just stay focused on the task at hand. Take care of the kids. Take care of the team. I’m OK.”

And regarding the game on Saturday, he said that without a doubt, Penn State will play. “They will come to play on Saturday” the new coach assured everyone. Then le launched a challenge for all the students and the supporters of the team: “Let’s show them what Penn State is really all about … we show class, we show dignity, let’s show what we really are all about.”

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