Penn State cancels conference after Sandusky arrest

Penn State cancelled the football coach conference on Tuesday, following the recent arrest of Jerry Sandusky, the former defensive coordinator. According to Fox News and Associated Press, the decision was taken by President Graham Spanier.

On November 5, Jerry Sandusky was taken into the custody of the Pennsylvania police, following the sexual abuse allegations that were brought against him. He was arrested in Bellefonte.  The shocking event put some of the Penn State activities on hold, including coach Joe Paterno’s news conference, which was scheduled on Tuesday. His son, Scott Paterno, informed Associated Press that the decision came from President Graham Spanier’s office and that his father was not very pleased about it. The 84-year-old coach was willing to answer questions about the game against Nebraska, as well as some related to the sexual abuse scandal. However, this was not possible, as the case is on roll and the law prohibits anyone to give official statements regarding the proceedings in the case.

An official statement released from president Spanier’s office said that the conference will not be rescheduled, thus postponing reporters’ first chance to find out more about the scandal at a first-hand. What is known so far is that 67-year-old Jerry Dandusky’s case is that he is facing charges of sexual abuse from the families of eight boys with ages 15 and up. He had met them through the charity foundation he himself put the basis of, “The Second Mile”.

Tim Curley, Paterno’s boss and the athletic director of Penn State, along with senior vice-president Gary Schultz, have resigned from their jobs and have surrendered on charges of perjury, by facilitating that the abuse take place. According to a source who wanted to remain anonymous, Sandusky was given an office by Penn State, which was located in the East Locker Area building. The lack of action from Curley and Schultz’s part “allowed a child predator to continue to victimize children for many, many years”, stated Linda Kelly, State Attorney General.

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