Penguin Happy Feet goes back to Antarctica home

Happy Feet, the Emperor penguin named after the animated cartoon character, was released back into the wild on Sunday, after spending a period of about two months in a zoo in New Zealand. According to Associated Press, the now famous penguin has been fitted with a tracking device in order to monitor his moves and know more about his state in the wild.

“He swam away, not caring about us anymore,” said Lisa Argilla, the veterinarian ant the Wellington Zoo, where Happy Feet, the Emperor Penguin, was a guest for a little more than two months. The penguin was released back into the wild on Sunday. A crew embarked on the research vessel Tangaroa and taking Happy Feet to his home, in Antarctica. He was transported in a fitted blue thermo-resistant box packed with ice, to imitate his original habitat. After a journey of nearly 2,000 miles, he was released in Antarctic waters. He was taken to the area of the remote Campbell Island. According to Argilla, “Happy Feet needed some gentle encouragement to leave the safety of his crate that has been his home for six days. “ Although at first, when his crate was opened, he was a bit shy, “once he hit the water he spared no time in diving off away from the boat and all those ‘aliens’ who have been looking after him for so long”, she added.

Happy Feet came to New Zealand on June 20. He was found on Peka Peka Beach. The little adventurer was immediately taken into the custody of the Zoo in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, which was just 40 miles from the beach.
Now, that the penguin that captured everyone’s hearts has found his way back into nature, he can only be seen online. For that, the researchers have attached a GPS tracker to him. Happy Feet’s movements can now be followed online on the Wellington Zoo’s official web page.

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