Peaches Geldof Dead by Heroin Overdose

The tragic death of Peaches Geldof was announced earlier this month. Initially, reports revealed no cause of the death of the beautiful star. Well, now the reason why the death of the popular model and television presenter occurred has been revealed. 

Reports indicate that Peaches died due to a heroin overdose. The star has been struggling with drug addiction for quite some time. Peaches tried to reduce her dependence on heroin, so she used a substitute drug during a two and a half year period. However, it seems that the addiction was stronger than the beautiful star, who could not resist it. 

Peaches Geldof’s husband, Tom Cohen, claimed that his wife started to use heroin once again back in February. The body of the model was found by her husband on a bed in a spare room of their family home in Wrotham, Kent. Peaches and Tom have two children together. 

Ever since the news on the model’s death has been revealed, it has been claimed that the star died due to a drug overdose. Back then, the cops revealed that they found 6.9g of heroin in a black cloth bag in the bedroom where the body was found. Moreover, they found a syringe containing reside of heroin inside a sweet box next to the bed. 

Tom Cohen claimed that during the days before his wife’s death, he and the couple’s two sons were visiting his parents, in London. Tom claimed that when he spoke to Peaches, she seemed fine. He called her on various occasions. When Peaches stopped answering her phone, Tom went back to the property and found his wife’s body. 

Before her death, Peaches posted a photo of herself and her mom on Instagram. Peaches’ mom died of a heroin overdose, as well. This fact lead to speculation revealing that Peaches had actually committed suicide. Now, the real cause of her death has been made public. Unfortunately, Peaches Geldof lost the battle with drug addiction and was killed by heroin overdose. 

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