Paz de la Huerta pleads guilty on assault charge

Actress Paz de la Huerta got in trouble with the law. She was charged with assaulting a reality show star back in March. Now, she pleads guilty and gets her sentence.

Actress Paz de la Huerta, who gained popularity for her role in Boardwalk Empire, is only 26 years old and already in trouble with the law. Some would say it’s the diva syndrome, other would think it’s a drinking problem. No matter what the verdict on the cause of her behavior is, the facts are uncontestable. The actress was involved in a harassment incident on March 22, 2011. More than that, she was the author of the incident. She reportedly threw a glass at MTV’s reality star Samantha Swetra, while in a chic Manhattan hotel bar. The reality TV star was injured in the incident, as a piece of glass lodged in her leg. Swerta is best known for her appearance in The City.

After acknowledging her deed in court, the actress says “I’m extremely glad this is over.” She also states that she believes Swetra is just looking for attention from the media. “I’m a real actress – HBO. She’s a publicity-seeker, a fake actress,” she had told the police.

De la Huerta is now looking at a sentence that includes one day of community service and 10 or 12 days into a rehab clinic. She will be booked for an alcohol treatment program as part of her plea.

María de la Paz Elizabeth Sofía Adriana de la Huerta is a model-turned-actress. Her role as Lucy Danziger in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire gained her the much needed attention of the public. Born and raised in SoHo, New York City, she attended Saint Ann’s School, the same school as Zac Posen. Their childhood friendship brought them together in the fashion sector. She modeled for him numerous times and became his muse. In April, Paz was ranked #84 on the Maxim magazine’s hottest female celebrities.

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