Pauly D Is Sued By Former Talent Agency

Money can break any kind of collaboration, relationship or agreement, successful or not. In the world of celebrity, fighting over money happens more often than imagined. Pauly D is the last to enter the fighting arena as the Jersey Shore star is being sued by his former talent agency.

So, I guess you’re asking what is Pauly D being sued for? For a boatload of money, I’ll tell you that. Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio is accused by International Creative Management, the former talent agency that looked after his gigs for a while, that he owes them $2.1 million. Staggering amount, isn’t it?

International Creative Management has filed the suit papers with the Los Angeles Superior Court last Thursday. The documents read that Pauly D and his company Blowout Enterprises have failed to give the talent agency its cut of the Jersey Shore money he received.

Apparently the agreement between Pauly D of Jersey Shore and International Creative Management remained in place until season 4 of the show, when the star simply stopped sending in the commission.

The talent agency claims that it had work very hard to get Pauly D more money since Jersey Shore grew popular. All they wanted for Pauly D’s larger paycheck was 10 percent of everything he got.

After making some back of the envelope calculations, the talent agency said that Pauly D owed them $1.6 million. That means $100,000 for each of season 4’s 12 episodes plus some other $400,000 as a signing bonus. And the calculations don’t stop here. The talent agency also wants Pauly D to pay another $175,000 for each of the 12 episodes of season 6. Putting it all together, Pauly D is expected to give the talent agency about $2.1 million.

Hillary H. Hughes, Pauly D’s lawyer, said: “We are surprised by ICM’s contention that it is due commissions after ICM was terminated in favor of William Morris Endeavor”. The lawyer also added that the company was paid for its services and mentioned that it is disappointing “an agency like ICM would choose to take advantage of its former relationship with a client and disclose his confidential business affairs to the public in disregard to any duties it owes as a talent agency”.

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