Paula Abdul throws up after X-Factor nude performance

X-Factor judge Paula Abdul leaves the set and throws up in the men’s restroom, after leaving the set during a contestant’s nude performance.  The nudity approach did not impress the judges, as the contestant had hoped.

Wednesday on the premiere of X-Factor, wannabe singer Geo Godley gave an extremely odd performance, that will be remembered in the television show world for a long, long time. But not in a good way! Godley was dressed in a large shining silver jacket and silver baggy pants. He wore a T-shirt with a big rainbow heart and we don’t even remember his shoes. The clothes are somehow important, because at one point, he had trouble keeping them on. And it’s not that is was an accident. About a minute after starting singing, he dropped his pants and kept on jumping up and down the stage. The show horrified the two ladies in the jury – singers Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole started screaming and Paula tried to cover her eyes with her ponytail. Simon Cowell was horrified and L.A. Reid was speechless.
At one point, poor Paula couldn’t take it anymore and walked straight out of the set. She stopped in the men’s restroom, probably without even thinking to find the ladies room.  Seeing Abdul leave, Godley said: “Uh-oh I think I’m in trouble”, but continued his act. Backstage, Paula Abdul was given some water to freshen up. When she felt a little bit better, she said: “I just witnessed a nightmare…on stage!”

After the performance was over, the contestant put his pants on while de jury and the public were still in shock. Simon was the first one who gave a feedback to the contestant. He was honest and concise: “What the bloody hell was that?”
Needless to say it was his first and only performance.

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