Paul Newman’s Suit Found In Connecticut Home

An illustrator claims he found Paul Newman’s suit in his home in New Haven, Connecticut. According to the Associated Press, 23-year-old Peter Gamlen was poking around the basement when he discovered an elegant suit listing Paul Newman’s name on the tailor’s tag. 
Paul Newman was always described as the least fashionable actor in Hollywood as he did not possess many clothes, especially elegant ones. A recent suit listed on the actor’s name comes to contradict everything we now know about Paul Newman. The outfit was discovered in Peter Gamlen’s home in New Haven, Connecticut, so people have a hard time believing the boy’s story.

The 23-year-ol British illustrator is certain that the suit belonged to the late actor because the tailor’s tag that was attached to the costume read “Paul Newman January 1986”. The name of the tailor was Henry Stewart, so Gamlen did a little bit of research and found out that Newman was one of Stewart’s clients, according to an obituary published in a 1993 issue of the New York Times.

Peter was over the moon when he discovered that the elegant suit belonged to the reputed Hollywood celebrity. The first thing he did was to try the outfit himself and call all his friends to let them know that he was wearing Paul Newman’s clothes. The cut of the suit is so amazing that the Connecticut resident doesn’t know what he should do with the garments. He told the press that he also found a photo of the actor surrounded by three other men.

Peter came to America one year ago and he is currently working in a clothing store. He described the entire situation as an incredibly big coincidence considering that Gamlen loves Peter Newman and he is also very passionate about clothing. Some people, including Kay Hill, the owner of the place, think the young boy has many reasons to believe that the costume belonged to the actor. On the other hand, Paul’s former colleagues claim Newman was not at all interested in fashion, so it is very unlikely that the stylish costume belonged to him.

Newman’s daughter, Nell, was also reluctant in acknowledging Peter’ story as true. She, nevertheless, recalled that the actor followed a brief course at Yale University in the city, so the costume might have been lost during that period of time.

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