Paul McCartney Can Still Rock The Stage At 70

Paul McCArtney turns 70 on Monday, but he can still rock the stage, according to the Telegraph. The British musician spent the weekend before his anniversary with his wife, Nancy Shevell, at a five-star estate in Montalcino called Castiglion del Bosco.

Although he has just turned 70, British singer Paul McCartney is livelier than many other young musicians. The artist celebrated his 70th anniversary with a simple ceremony that was held in Castiglion del Bosco estate at Montalcino, an Italian city near Siena. McCartney and his wife, Nancy Shevell, have chosen this location because it is intimate and they could thus, avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Sources told reporters that the couple took a private jet to Rome in order to get to the sprawling Italian compound. Castiglion del Bosco features 2,500 square-feet private villas and it is the property of fashion magnate Massimo Ferragamo. In addition, the couple was able to feast themselves with the Italian cuisine as the estate has its own winery and organic kitchen garden.

According to McCartney, the romantic getaway was meant to be a family celebration. Now that the two are back in London, they will most likely host a small party with their relatives and close friends to celebrate the singer’s birthday. As usual, the party will be simple because the Briton is not a fan of extravagant things. As a matter of fact, his wedding with Shevell in October, last year, was hosted in the garden of his home.

However, the term “simple” has a different meaning from one person to another. McCartney stated that his weekend getaway was also low-key and yet the couple spent £2,500 per night. Apparently, this sum is small change when compared to the couple’s joint fortune of £665 million.

Sir Paul plans to get back to work as soon as the celebration is over showing everyone that his passion for music goes beyond age. He declared in a recent interview that he will continue to stage concerts for as long as he can because it gives him great pleasure. As a matter of fact, the interpreter was chosen to perform at the London 2012 opening ceremony on July 27.

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  1. Congrats!!!-Happy Birthday Sir Paul..i am from Alabama..Please try and come closer in concert,like Atlanta..i had front row seats in New Orleans in 2002..I fell off my recovery program,got drunk had to leave early..That’s what happens when i cut down my program..Also,i found out who one of the men radionpersonality Tommy Charles who was bashing Beatle records in 1966..Yes, i was only 7 @ the time, i remembered years later when he was about to retire,I was at a live show working..DROVE HIM CRAZY!!! I kept inturrupting him asking for songs from The Beatles..right while he was live on air..It was a hoot!!! Thank U for the exciting entertainment all these years..I am a nurse like ur mom was Paul,Peace to u @ ur new family..

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