Patton Oswald to host Eddie Awards 2012

Deadline communicates that Patton Oswald was chosen to host the ACE Eddie Awards in 2012. The prestigious event is due to take place on February 18 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. This year marks the 62nd annual ceremony of the Eddie Awards.

The Eddie Awards is organized each year by the American Cinema Editors (ACE. The show recognizes the merits of those who do a great job editing various productions. The majority of the works come from the film industry, television and documentaries.

This is the second time Oswald is invited to host the event. The first time he presented the winners of the Eddie Awards was in 2008. The organizers of the show were very impressed by Oswald’s performance during the 2008 edition, so they had no doubts that he will do a great job this year, as well.

Randy Roberts, the President of the American Cinema Editors confessed that the company is happy to welcome Patton on their stage again. They were afraid the actor might turn down their offer given that he is currently promoting his latest movie “Young Adult”. According to Roberts, all the ACE members went ecstatic when they heard that Oswald agreed to come back.

The “Young Adult” star entertained all the invitees of the 2008 show, thus winning their admiration. After his stint, the headquarters of ACE were assaulted with emails and phones from people who wanted to congratulate them for their show. Consequently, ACE thought the public will be glad to see Oswald do the honors again.

We still have to wait until the list of the 62nd Eddie awards edition will be published on the Internet. Randy Roberts told reporters that they will communicate the news on January 16, so stay tuned if you want to find out who will get the prize.

Patton Oswald has received a lot of attention from the media lately due to his role in the comedy “Young Adult”. His co-star in the movie is Charlize Theron. The two make a beautiful team judging by the number of positive critics that the production has received.

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