Patti LaBelle sued for after attacking mother and child

Music diva Patti LaBelle is being sued following an incident in Manhattan in which she verbally abused a toddler and attacked her mother. The attorney of the Monk family filed a lawsuit against LaBelle on Monday.

Rhythm-and-blues singer Patti LaBelle is facing legal charges after an odd and aggressive behavior she had a few days ago. According to the victim’s lawyer, the singer verbally abused a 18-months-old girl and tried to punch her mother. The reason appears to be the fact that the child was running around, disturbing her.

Lawyer Sam Davis, who was hired by the toddler’s parents, Kevin and Roseanna Monk, to represent them, talked to the press about the incident. According to him, it all started in the West Side of Manhattan in a lobby of an apartment building.  Roseanna Monk and her daughter Genevieve were there, and so was Patti LaBelle, wearing shades and a fur coat. At one point the child started getting on her nerves and she reportedly shouted at Monk “What are you doing letting your kid run around like that?” She then continued screaming and started throwing water from a bottle at the mother and child.
“Are you happy that this is what you have done to this baby?” Mrs. Monk replied. At that point, LaBelle “tries to take a swing” at her.  The singer’s entourage took her out of the building into a black car and the baby, shaken by the situation, threw up on her mother. The Monks explain that a simple apology would have been alright, but since they didn’t even get that, they will see Mrs. LaBelle – whose real names is Patricia Louise Holte – in court. The family says that there was one other aspect that contributed to their decision of suing. They had read about two other incidents related to LaBelle’s entourage. Apparently her hairdresser and one of her bodyguards have assaulted West Point cadet in Houston. “Violence seems to be part of their road show” attorney Davis says.

LaBelle’s reps have yet to comment.

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