Patrick Schwarzenegger moves out of Brentwood mansion

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s oldest son, Patrick, moved out of his family house in Brentwood in a rented apartment. This may have to do with the fact that he enrolled at Brentwood  School in May.

After the press scandal involving the actor’s family regarding Arnold’s love child with housekeeper Patty Baena, Patrick posted on Twitter a message saying he is going through a difficult time, some days are bad some are better and he still loves his family very much. But at the end of the message he drops his father names and signs Patrick Shriver.

After the news hit the tabloids, Patrick was left living alone in the Brentwood mansion, as his mother, Maria, had already been living in another place weeks before the scandal erupted. Now, Patrick has moved as well, in a rented apartment and possibly with roommates.  At age 17, he is now on his own. He has been spotted near his home with a math manual under his arm, a bottle of water and holding the car keys, dressed very casual ( t-shirt, sports pants and sneakers).

If you are worried that an underage boy is too young and inexperienced to take care of himself, think again, because Arnold’s son already has career. He signed with L.A. Models which will make him one of the most popular fashion brand’s model, such as Ralph Lauren and Armani. Besides that, Patrick Arnold Shriver Schwarzenegger, who will be 18 in September this year, has already founded his own company named Project360 when he was only 15 years old. The company created a philantrophic clothing line, meanng that a percent of the cashed in sums will be sent to help a variety of causes. As of May, the teen is enrolled at Brentwood  School in Los Angeles, California.

Following the revealing of the love affair, many people in the Brentwood mansion have moved out for obvious reasons. Maria Shriver found her own place a few weeks before it all went public. Joseph Baena, the love child of Patty Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger, moved out with his mother ina  four bedroom house bought by Arnold for the two.

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  1. Kudos to Pat Schwarzenegger. He made a good decision (no regrets possibly) about leaving his family’s home in Brentwood, Cal.

    So, Arnold might as well just have love 24/7 with Mildred Patty Beana. 🙂

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