Patrick Schwarzenegger Considers Career in Politics

After having his way paved by his father, Patrick Schwarzenegger announced on Wednesday that he is considering a career in politics. The 19-year-old college student was taken aback by his first voting experience on November 6 and he is determined to dedicate all his attention to political issues from now on.

Even though his father, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, failed as the Governor of California, Patrick Schwarzenegger thinks he still has a chance of proving his political abilities. The 19-year-old model was so inspired by the “I Voted” sticker he received in occasion of his first election that he is seriously considering taking up a career in politics.

The young actor took to Twitter and posted a picture of himself wearing the “I Voted” sticker on the forehead in order to determine his friends to take part in the election. “Getting the ‘I Voted’ sticker is worth it alone to go,” Patrick wrote. He, later on, tweeted another message telling online users that he got involved in a political debate with his friends over the much-discussed Obama vs. Romney presidential race. Patrick Schwarzenegger’s conclusion was but one: he has enough knowledge about politics to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a politician.

His future objectives don’t stop here; the Hudson Jeans model has already come up with a plan for America’s recovery. If he keeps up like this, he could make his father, the former California governor, look even worse than he already does. The University of Southern California freshman thinks the first aspect that needs to be improved is the electoral college system. “This system doesn’t make sense to me,” he tweeted. After the election results were published, Patrick congratulated Barack Obama for his second victory and invited both Republicans and Democrats to work together for the progress of the country.

Needless to say, the social network was terrified by the prospect of having Patrick Schwarzenegger as one of America’s future politicians. The majority of them suggested him not to make any more references to his father, considering that Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of California’s worst governors.

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