Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink Call Off Divorce

It seems that there may be a chance for Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink, who have decided to try to make things work. The famous pair has called off the divorce. The news is quite surprising as the two filed the papers about half a year ago. 

So, a source close to the two claimed that Patrick and Jillian plan on being a family again. The source said that they no longer have divorce plans and are getting back together.

People magazine claimed in a recent report that Patrick and Jillian are actually happy to be spending time together now. Furthermore, an insider talking to the magazine revealed that the two have been able to work things out. 

“There are no more divorce plans. Patrick and Jillian plan on being a family again,” the insider clarified. “For the past year, Patrick and Jillian have been working on getting to where they are right now. They are not dating anyone else, and only each other,” it added. 

Patrick and Jillian first filed for divorce back in January. Despite the separation, the two seemed to have remained in very good terms and actually they were later spotted spending time together in Paris. After this vacation that took place in November, the two seemed to have worked things out. The insider claimed that they “seem very happy and are spending a lot of time together.”

The same source added that the two stars are actually enjoying dinner dates and care for their children together. The divorce filing maybe helped them realize that they still love each other. “The divorce made Patrick miserable. It was definitely a wakeup call.” 

Of course, the pair did not comment on the rumors, but they did share some photos on social media that sustain the hypothesis that they managed to save their marriage. Patrick is best known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy. He and Jillian wedded back in 1999. Before marrying the makeup artist, Patrick had been married to Rocky Parker, but the pair separated in 1994.  

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