Parrot Bebop, unique and ambitious

These days, a smartphone can be everything the users want it to be. This handset can be transformed into a heart rate monitor, into a remote, into a camcorder and even into Parrot’s Bebop drone flight controller. This new feature helps the French company to record an incredible sales growth over the last few years.

Their first line of drones, known as A.R., were incredible simple to be controlled and everyone could go down to the beach and fly the drone just using their iPad. However, with the new Bebop Parrot, is a little trickier, because the company tried to combine the performance, the price and still make it ease to use. 

Parrot Bebop has evolved from a toy into a tool, featuring a full-fledged high-definition camera and coming at the price of 499 dollars. However, it’s not very expensive if we compare it with the Solo from 3D Robotics or Phantom, which costs 999 dollars and doesn’t even come with a camera.

The best part about this drone is that users do not need to learn how a remote control works, because they just need to pull out their mobile device and connect it to the drone. The drone market is exploding and more and more people are buying drones, especially for traveling purposes. Bebop is a great choice for customers and delivers good aerial footage, also coming at a price far below its competitors. 

The biggest challenge for drone companies is to simultaneously satisfy a consumer who has never flown before a drone and a professional user who is looking to get a great aerial footage. The new drone is sleek and colorful and also extremely small and light, perfect for transportation.

Users can take off and land the drone with the press of a button and also has a downward-facing camera that helps it stabilize when it’s close to the ground. Also, the “return to home” function works well and brings the drone back to where it was launched.  Parrot Bebop comes with Wi-Fi and an app instead of the dedicated controllers, which are more comfortable to use instead of a big and heavy controller.

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