Paris Jackson on being the King of Pop’s daughter

Ellen DeGeneres offered a brief preview of one of the most important television events of the year. Paris Jackson will release her first interview during Ellen’s show on Thursday, according to the official website of the show. The 13-year-old girl has agreed to tell people how it feels to be the King of Pop’s daughter. Read more and find out further interesting details related to the Jackson family.

The oldest daughter of the pop icon, Michael Jackson is promoting her first on-screen appearance in the motion picture “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys”. According to Paris, her father, Michael Jackson was the one who helped her prepare the Lundon part.

As we would all expect, Michael Jackson had a great influence on all his children, but it was particularly Paris who was impressed by him because she saw him acting in “Moonwalker”. Even though she doesn’t sing, Paris left reporters understand that she plans to do so in the future because she wants to be like Michael who was a great singer and a great actor.

Part of the acting tricks she knows today was inherited from the King of Pop who helped her practice on her improvisations. Paris stated that Michael would invent scenarios for her and her brothers and they had to adapt. For instance, he once told Paris to cry and tears immediately went down her cheeks.

Paris also told the press how she and her brothers felt when Michael obliged them to cover their faces with masks. At first, she stated, she hated the idea and she didn’t understand why she can’t go out in the public without the mask, but later on, she understood that it was for her own protection. In fact, the 13-year-old girl admitted that the mask enabled her to have a regular childhood; she was treated like a normal child at school because nobody knew who she was.

Michael Jackson always advised Paris and her brothers. He repeatedly told his oldest daughter that he may not be around for too long as if he knew his death was imminent in 2009. He always made Paris promise that she will remember his advices even after his death.

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