Paris Hilton Will Start A Career As A DJ

The heiress of the luxury hotel chain has one pretty glamorous life. In fact, there are thousands of girl dying to have her life. Part of Paris Hilton’s carefree life is her new decision to start a brand new career. Music and singing might not be exactly right up her alley, but Paris Hilton will start a career as a DJ.

The 31 year old hotel heiress has big plans for her music career. If singing wasn’t exactly the right fit, Paris Hilton found a new way to show off her talents. She’s going for a brand new career, one that you might not have expected. Paris Hilton is going to be a DJ. In fact, any day now people were expecting to hear she hit rock bottom in some club after heavy partying. 

Paris Hilton is going to have her first gig as DJ in Brazil, at a music festival scheduled to take place June 23rd. The Pop Music Festival was launched last year, but people are already excited about this second edition. And with Paris Hilton appearing on the line up as closing performer, everyone’s curious about her music.

A source said that given Paris Hilton’s experiencing with partying, music and her many DJ friends, her music is going to be impressive. “Paris is part of the tight-knit DJ group and has built some very good friendships including Afrojack, Kaskade, David Guetta, Avicii, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris and”. Also Paris Hilton “had the opportunity to travel the world attending every festival and rave. Her music will be more than impressive”.

Another source says that with Paris Hilton as DJ now, every producer is looking forward to book her. “Everyone is excited to book her! She provides another great attraction and a great reason for people to go to the clubs”.

Apparently, Paris has been a DJ for several years now, but has kept it as a gig for private parties. However, her friends say she’s been working “tirelessly” to make sure her performance at Pop Music Festival will be flawless.

Perhaps, Paris Hilton’s new career as a DJ will last longer than her five seconds success with single “Stars are Blind”.

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