Paris Hilton’s Debut As DJ, Not That Great

A few weeks ago, the internet was roaming with news about Paris Hilton’s debut as DJ at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hilton, fans and even concert producers seemed pretty excited by the news. So, now that Paris Hilton made her debut as DJ, most have argued it was not that great.

Over the weekend, Sao Paulo was assaulted by international artists and music lovers all around. It was fiesta and with Paris Hilton on the lineup as DJ debuting act crowds were drawn in for a sensational show. The heiress’ one hour set was not exactly that great. In fact, it’s safe to say she should have sticked to the other side of the turntables, because fans at the Sao Paulo festival didn’t get to see much of actual mixing.

Paris Hilton had surely spent a lot of time preparing for her first gig as a DJ. Some might argue that time wasn’t well spent neither on working the turntable, nor on choosing her outfit for the night. The heiress chose a jewel-embellished basque, tights and dominatrix gloves, all nicely in line with a pair of diamond encrusted headphones she proudly wore during her set.

Her choice of music wasn’t exactly inspired. You’d expect such a poor performance from a first-time DJ at his second time working the turntable at some high school in a far, far away location, but not at such a huge festival. In the end, with professionals such as Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson also on the line-up, Paris Hilton’s DJ debut was miles away.

While her set surely had some fans covering their ears, not many dared to criticize her debut. Deadmau5 however had no tolerance for what went on at Pop Music Festival and perhaps in an attempt to make sure it won’t happen again, he tweeted: “It’s over. To be fair…the mayans saw this sh*t coming”.

One thing is for sure, although her actual DJ set was far from meeting expectations, Paris Hilton knows how to draw crowds. Right before working a mix she had partnered with DJ AfroJack, the artists told the crowd: “I’ve partied all around the world…to the best parties…but I’ve never seen anyone party like you guys do in Brazil”.

Paris Hilton’s DJ debut went viral on YouTube. Hear and see for yourself and give us your take.

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