Paris Hilton launches her new accessories brand in India

A few days ago, blonde heiress and socialite Paris Hilton launched her new accessories brand in India, Reuters reports.

Even though not always taken seriously on a social life level, Paris Hilton is definitely serious about the business side of her personality, being the proud developer of a worldwide successful brand. Currently touring India, she launched a new line of products focused mainly on manufacturing handbags and accessories. This event took place last Saturday at a mall in Mumbai.

Her serious side was, as well, on display during a press conference held in Turkey’s capital, Istanbul, when the 30-year-old hotel owner was introducing a new shoe line. She outlined that the features a woman needs to nurture in order to be successful nowadays are “dedication and work, believing in yourself, having confidence”. In equal measure driven by her family’s success in the business world, as well as the need to live up to their expectations, Paris decided to make her mark on the world in an original way, developing her own brand. “Watching my grandfather, my great grandfather, what they’ve created, I wanted to create something of my own”.

The near future reserves for Paris a series of new endeavors, starting with the launching of eight Hilton stores all over India, solely dedicated to marketing her new accessories and bags collection. The stores should be ready for the public by the end of next year’s spring, the last one being opened in March. At the same time, she is involved in numerous other projects, which include: working on a new album, developing a fresh business in the real estate area and writing a book. Furthermore, Paris is seriously thinking about becoming a producer for TV shows and even movies, without revealing, for the time being, the genre or genres she has in mind.

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